Azubimarketing für Unternehmen der Bauwirtschaft



Just how construction companies can successfully attract apprentices is demonstrated by RG-Bau at the RKW Competence Centre in its folder entitled "Apprenticeship marketing for companies in the construction industry”. The work folder contains four guidelines with measures for the successful recruitment of young people for the construction sector.

Guideline 1: Building professions have a future 
The guideline helps construction companies to plan their apprenticeship marketing. It looks at the expectations young people have of their apprenticeship company and clarifies what measures promise success. Using checklists, tips and links, the companies can determine what action they need to take and draw up their marketing concept in six stages.

Guideline 2: From you to we
This guideline informs construction companies how young people can be approached actively to get them interested in an apprenticeship in the building industry. Tried and tested methods and new ideas are described for a successful approach, from initial career guidance to starting an apprenticeship.  Contact with schools and parents is also dealt with in this guideline, as well as the right way to handle social media.

Guideline 3: Getting a taste of the construction company
This guideline deals with the internship in the construction company and the subsequent period. It explains why school student internships play such an important part in apprenticeship marketing and gives tips on how contact can also be maintained after the internship, showing how the internship can be a win-win situation for both sides. 

Guideline 4: Creativity is the clincher 
In this guideline, construction companies describe from practical experience what form their apprenticeship marketing takes and what points of emphasis are important and meaningful for their individual companies. They explain how they take advantage of the contact with schools and present good examples for designing an apprenticeship website, as well as showing how the company’s good reputation and the positive working atmosphere have a positive effect on the search for apprentices.