Construction Workers: reality and fictions



Our target group is young people.

Our initiative is directed at a specific type of professional working on construction sites: the self-employed worker.

In the past 10 years, this type of professional has fallen into two categories: the "authentic” self-employed worker and the "fake” self-employed! An increasing number of the latter are being obliged to register for VAT in order to be able to perform the same tasks as they did as employees, even if they continue to work for the same company.

We have opened an information desk/helpdesk to reach out to "fake” self-employed in an attempt to reconstruct their employee relationship and clarify their position on the construction site; we also aim to reach the "authentic” self-employed, challenging our counterparts to respect universal fundamental rights and to extend to the self-employed rights such as: maternity/paternity leave, holiday leave, sick leave, accident coverage, etc.

We will also make use of tools such as social networking, communication campaigns, visits to building sites, etc.