Builders wanted! Baumeister gesucht!



As part of its educational mission, the "Stiftung Bayerisches Baugewerbe” recently launched the campaign "Baumeister gesucht”. The idea is to offer practical experience to children of kindergarten age and enable them to discover the construction world. Boys and girls enjoy and the feeling of construction by making wooden and stone things with their own hands. In this way, construction and the corresponding professions are being communicated in a playful way to families. The idea has been brought to life by the "Stiftung Bayerisches Baugewerbe” which has donated high quality children's workbenches. Furthermore, participating day care centres receive a complete package including not only a workbench, but also tools, a manual book and a training course for educators. A second training course is organised for and with the children guided by educational professionals "Harry Hammer and Nicki Nagel”. The aim is to establish the use of working benches for construction purposes in the daily life of kindergartens and care centres.