Dual Degree Programme for Construction Engineering



The "Dual Degree Programme for Construction Engineering” leads to two degrees, which means that Higher Education and Vocational Training are combined in a 4.5 years programme. Participants study Construction Engineering at a University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, Bochum or Aachen or at the University of Wuppertal to Bachelor degree level and at the same time they take part in vocational education and training for a construction worker qualification in one of the state-recognised training occupations like: Concrete Worker/Steel Concrete Worker, Duct Builder, Bricklayer, Pipeline Fitter, Road Builder, Carpenter. This dual degree programme was developed in 2002 in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne and was granted by the Department of Sciences North Rhine-Westphalia the highest award for new STEM degree programmes. This programme is successful because of its high quality in both theory and practice.