Build Your Future



The "Bau Deine Zukunft” Initiative has two main goals: 
1) motivating young people to start a traineeship in the construction industry 
2) improving the reputation of the construction industry and creating awareness about the possibilities to engage in life-long learning and continuing education in the industry

The Austrian Construction Industry offers a unique education system to its youth workers, which consists of three pillars: 
1) School 
2) workplace 
3) Construction Academy (so called "Bauakademie”). There are in total eight Construction Academies in Austria, which provide young workers with additional skills – skills that are normally not taught at school or at their workplaces.

In order to provide the construction industry with the best youth workers available, the "Bau Deine Zukunft” Initiative was created in 2004. The number of trainees in Austria has been decreasing for years throughout all types of businesses. Unfortunately, a traineeship is normally considered "low-level training”, which is sad. "Bau Deine Zukunft” also manages this challenge, which requires a change in the mindset of society as well as parents.