I can build



The project aims a closer familiarization with the profession of the participants, and enables young professionals to make a sure, and a reasoned choice for their future development.

"I can build also'' Project seeks to restore the tattered relationships between generations: young and old and between entering in the industry working professionals and businesses as users of future professionals in their face.

It demonstrates the real relationship - between the participants in the Construction process (consultants - Architect, Designer and Builder) and their representative organizations Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC), Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design, and Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria, and adolescents; between teachers and students; between colleagues; between business and education.

While working on the project young professionals get to know the profession in a more realistic light. Participation in this initiative creates lasting and good relationship between the industrial federations, and other public bodies. The project is very useful for the future development of the young graduates from the Vocational secondary schools (High schools of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy) and the participants in it believe that the project itself is the great reward for them.

  •  A bridge between generations.
  •  A clear vision for the profession chosen (‘without makeup’).
  •  The theory learned, applied in practice, i.e. the acquired theoretical knowledge find their practical application. Participants can design optionally a building with prefabricated metal structure – a pavilion or a building with solid structure – single family residential building, with elements of traditional Bulgarian house, or a contemporary modern house. For this purpose they receive the following assignment:
- For feasibility study and design of the ‘Architecture and structure’ Parts.
- For rational (detailed) design: bill of quantity and construction management.
- For rational (detailed) design: design of the Electrical, Water & Sewerage, Park design/Vertical planning, Planting, and Interior design parts.
  • Informal contacts with the potential Employers. 

A comparison of the future competition (a competition and benchmarking – comparing with the best as personal and professional qualities, and accordingly achievements/commensurability between the participants from different cities, on one hand, and different High schools/Vocational secondary schools of Construction, on the other hand.).