Going green at work


United Kingdom

UCATT has worked with Wakefield District Housing (WDH) for a number of years during the construction of WDH’s housing program. The on-going programme includes the construction of high specification code 6 housing.
This is the latest modern housing which meets green specification criteria. For example the houses are all fitted with grey water systems, PV panels, mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems (MHRV) and top of the range insulation systems & triple glazing windows.

This work has been carried out by ‘in house’ staff and has helped create quality, sustainable apprenticeship opportunities for local young people. During their apprenticeships they have learned new techniques on installing modern, complex systems as outlined above.

A number of the apprentices have now gone on to win industry recognised awards and have been offered permanent jobs.  Now they have completed their apprenticeships and with a new skills set, we have found the young, former apprentices teaching the older traditional work force how to install these new systems.