Construction Industrys Council of Experts (NEP)



NEP aimed at creating an appropriate vocational training content and quality assurance system, accordingly to sectorial needs, by promoting public and construction industry professionals for cooperation in human resources development. NEP is a way to inform construction industry representatives about ongoing vocational training. The main aims of the Project are:

to do research and to classify all qualifications by main professions and specialisations; to create a Latvian sectorial qualification structure according to the European qualification framework; to develop new or update professional standards for main professions, according to labour market needs; to establish a modular approach in VET (Vocational Education and Training); to improve content and procedure of exams in VET;

The LCA (Latvian Builders Trade Union) is actively involved in the project, because it sees the importance of vocational training. It contributes to the youth's desire to learn and work in Latvia, as well as improving the quality of vocational training. Furthermore, it strengthens the industry so that the labour market can be supplied with a skilled workforce that contributes to the development of the country and its prestige.