This is a competition created in 2008 by the collaboration between FORMEDIL, SAIE ,the international fair trade on building and IIPLE , Building School of Bologna. It is a competition based on the model of competitive sports. Several teams, consisting of a pair of bricklayers, must develop a product for technical design proposed by Formedil in collaboration with IIPLE . 
Depending on the age of the participants and their professions, teams are divided into two categories: junior (apprentices) from the training schools of Formedil system, and senior (master).
Ediltrophy takes place in two phases: a first selection round, regional or interregional, in which the teams from the various Building Schools of the country face each other and a national final which takes place in Bologna on the final day of the SAIE .  The winners of each region are allowed to participate in the final.
The regional selections are normally held in urban public spaces and city environments. Local authorities provide support, with the aim of raising public awareness of Building Schools and drawing attention to issues related to training and safety. Thus, a positive image of the industry should be communicated. Over the years, products made in the course of the competitions (i.e. street furniture) were given to the municipalities in some cases.

Quality, safety and enhancement of the skills of those working in the field have always formed the basis of the positive message that Ediltrophy wants to convey through language and shared recreational sports.