Z Wie Zimmerer



Holzbau Baden-Württemberg developed a campaign for young students and/or pupils in their last year at school to advertise the traditional apprenticeship of carpenters. With this campaign Holzbau BW did not only want to pass a veritable tool for publicity to its members (the carpentry businesses) but also help inspiring youngsters in their search for the right job. The heart of the campaign is a website which informs about work practices during and after the apprenticeship in a comprehnsive and very entertaining way. It explains how carpentry apprenticeships work  in Baden-Württemberg, how much money can be earned right from the start, which skills are neccessary and what possibilities await once the apprenticeship has been successfully completed. It also shows in a very playful and explorative way which tools are used by the trade and how tradition plays a very important part in the life of a carpenter. To round off the information the website offers job opportunities grouped in apprenticeships, internships and full-time employment in an easy accessible search. Following the CI of the website, a trade-fair stand has been developed which can be rented by members of Holzbau BW when taking part at trade- or employment fairs. This stand comes fully equipped with a flat screen, information material and merchandising such as high quality cloth carry-bags. (pictures of stand available, pls get back to me if you want one).