Budding Brunels


United Kingdom

Budding Brunels is an Open College Network accredited schools engagement programme aimed at informing young students from disadvantaged backgrounds about higher education and career options within the construction industry.
Over the course of the 3-day workshop, students interact with young professionals working in construction.
Through individual and team assignments they learn about the key skills required for a variety of industry roles. In addition they go on a site visit to a construction project, and an educational visit to a university or a technology centre which enables students to better understand the industry. For students who excel during the workshop, post-programme work placements are also available providing valuable experience that may be used to enhance UCAS applications and future employability. However, all participants stand to gain from this employer-led programme, which reaches students at a key decision making point in their
academic and personal development.
We also provide bite-size one day Budding Brunels for Year 9 and 10 students to promote career opportunities within the construction industry. Budding Brunels gives students a unique chance to gain first-hand knowledge of how the industry works as well as the opportunity to gain valuable work  experience.