The Best Young Builder competition



The Best Young Builder competition is organized by the Ministry of Education and Science (MES), supported by different VET stakeholders. BCC and its members – construction companies actively support the competition by providing financial support, and providing of the building materials and products. 

BCC as a strategic partner of the relevant VET bodies is developing a centralized procedure regarding the support mechanism on the local level (by BCC’s Regional structures). Thus the Chamber will structure, and standardise its activity in the area concerned, and will raise the role of the Construction chamber as a main partner of the MES – the organizer of this traditional annual competition. 

The competition aims at enabling students from VET schools to demonstrate theoretical training and practical skills for building activities, acquired during the training in construction professions. In addition, young people can demonstrate, and express sufficient occupational skills, personal and social (soft) skills, such as communication skills, discipline, ethics, team work etc.   

This is an attractive extracurricular activity, addressing creating an interest towards the construction occupations, encouraging the development of their creative talent (creativeness), motivating the establishment of the inter-school co-operation, and stimulating the competition. 

Main disciplines: 
Masonry, plastering & painting works
Silicon masonry surfacing
Application with paint coating
Varnish coating application
Plastering & flooring 
Earthenware tiles lining (1 m2) – adhesion
Theoretical test: 30 min. for 25 questions, and practical part: 
Ceramic tiles masonry implementation – 2 hours/team, working area: 4/4 m. 
Dry construction:
Theoretical test: 30 min. for 25 questions, and practical part: 
Partitioning wall construction -  2 hours/team, working area: 4/4 m.

The Best Young Builder competition takes place in three phases: a first selection round (school level), 4 regional, in which the teams from the various Building schools of the country face each other, and 1st and 2nd place winners participate in the national final which takes place in Plovdiv in the frame of the ‘VET Panorama’.