Ente Senese Scuola Edile



This project targets those who have left school at the end of their compulsory education, providing 15 young people with a training pathway that will allow them to acquire not only traditional building techniques but also the new knowledge and skills required to work on the energy efficiency of buildings.  The aim is to create fully-fledged professionals who can meet the needs of businesses and the current labour market, which require ever higher levels of qualifications now that all buildings must be designed, planned and built to meet specific and certified quantitative objectives in terms of heating and cooling. The changes under way in the building sector should be seen not only as "sectoral” but more specifically as "cultural”: The construction sector, through energy savings and efficiency and the use of sustainable building techniques and materials can contribute towards a significant reduction in energy consumption and the emission of pollutants. The European Union is investing heavily in training and upskilling on energy saving techniques and the use of low-impact technologies. 

The project seeks to meet the following objectives: 
  • to improve the "skill sets” of young people by providing them with suitable and innovative theoretical and practical skills; 
  • to consolidate training not only in the construction of new buildings but also more specifically in the restoration and refurbishment of existing buildings through energy efficiency works; 
  • to provide young people at risk of abandoning school and becoming marginalised, not only with the tools for developing their "knowledge" and "know-how" but also their "self-awareness", with initiatives to support and encourage them to follow a training pathway leading to qualification and then entry into the job market.