El portal de empleo (Employment portal)



In 2010, in keeping with one of its founding principles, the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción (FLC), a paritarian body constituted by the employers’ organisation CNC and the trade unions MCA-UGT et FECOMA-CCOO, created the first free employment portal specialising in the construction sector: www.construyendoempleo.com. It is a meeting point for professionals looking for new jobs and companies covered by the current General Agreement for the Building Sector. 

Applicants using the portal register their CVs (their experience, training and interests) just once, and following validation they can apply quickly for offers that interest them.

Companies post their staffing needs and their job offers receive CVs through three channels:

- applicants who apply on their own initiative;
- searches for CVs made by the company using the portal database;
- CVs which, with the applicants' permission, the Fundación staff link to the job offers (making it possible for users to overcome potential computer barriers and for companies to obtain applications rapidly).

A recent user survey showed that it was an efficient tool which was easy to use and that the assistance and advice provided by staff was very useful.

The Foundation is currently a Private Placement Agency, having been authorised by the public employment service in view of its work as an intermediary between job seekers and companies.