SOAR build


United Kingdom

SOAR Build is a construction related Social Enterprise which is a joint venture partnership between the public and private sector (Keepmoat Limited and SOAR Enterprises) specialising in community regeneration.

SOAR Build was initially a brainchild of two of the current Keepmoat directors and has developed into a small/medium Social Enterprise of proven stature in the construction industry, having been invited to discussions at the House of Commons. Not only has SOAR Build developed its people, these people have also developed SOAR Build in reputation, geographically and organic growth.

SOAR Build’s mission is to be a successful business supporting the construction industry through local employment, thus creating opportunities for wealth and economic regeneration in local communities.

The aims are simple, to raise the aspirations of young people and to help them engage in community affairs and neighborhood matters and to provide environmental awareness by contributing to Councils social aims