KIA – skills supply in infrastructure construction

There is no company linked to this initiative. Please check the references.
In Sweden, there is a risk of a major shortage of skilled labour in the area of infrastructure construction. This applies to skilled workers, technicians and engineers at various levels.
In collaboration, the Swedish Transport Administration, Swedish Engineers and Architects and the Swedish Construction Federation are addressing the issue of training and recruitment for infrastructure construction. The work is done in workgroups in regional "nodes” of Sweden, in cooperation with vocational schools as well as polytechnics and universities. The workgroups consists of representatives for the trade organisations, companies and a coordinator from the Swedish Transport Administration. 
There is also a national workgroup coordinating the work and providing resources for the information activities targeting pupils / students, student counsellors and others. The newly designed website makes it easier for interested parties to get in contact with those active in the work. It also provides some information on the industry's scope and approach for those who need to know.