Calculate with Construction

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"Calculate with Construction” is an educational material focusing on maths in the everyday work of a craftsman (a carpenter, painter, construction designer, cabinetmaker and mason/bricklayer).
The maths assignments are based on the pupils’ own class room. 
1) How much paint (litres) does it take to cover the class room walls with 2 layers of paint? 
2) How many m2 of wood is in the class room – floor, walls, furniture and ceiling? 
3) What kind of geometric figures are represented in the room? 
4) How do you prepare an invoice for a customer? 
The pupils use different methods such as The Pythagorean theorem and The Staircase formula to solve the assignments. All the assignments are made to meet the curriculum standards and the teacher can use the material to cover the curriculum.

There is a pupil’s edition and a teacher’s edition of the material. The material is free.