“MA+GI” (Math+Energy)

There is no company linked to this initiative. Please check the references.
MA+GI is an educational app teaching pupils about maths and energy. The storyline of the app is: Two teenagers find an abandoned hunting lodge in the woods and start to renovate and modernise it. There are different subjects such as: solar power, types of insulation, electrical use in general, blower door test, thermal windows etc. 
The app contains different assignments and the pupils solve the assignments on paper and then type the correct answer into the app. The purpose of the app is to make it fun to learn about maths and energy and also to present some of the professions in the construction sector.
The app has four different types of questions:
Multi choice questions (What is insulation made of?)
Calculating questions (calculate how many m2 of glass are contained in all the windows)
Reflection questions (where in the world will solar panels work very well?)
Extra questions (to ensure, that all pupils – also the very bright ones – are motivated)