Young builder's network



The project's theme is the prestige of the construction industry. The main goal is to raise the prestige of the industry and to make it more popular among society. This project will take place in Latvia (Riga and other regions) and its duration will be 269 days - approximately 9 months. There are three kinds of participants - non-formal youth group "Pilons" with 4 members, about 150 third year professional school students and 18 youngsters (3 from each professional school) who take part in the regional camp. 

The non-formal youth group ("Pilons") will visit 6 different professional schools in different regions and will try to develop students’ communication skills and creativity with non-formal educational techniques. Via "brainstorming" they will try to find ways to improve the prestige of the construction industry and its associated professions. Three students will be asked to participate in the regional camp, where they will design a special material with other school students, which will be presented to the Ministry of Education and Science, professional and vocational schools and to employee and employer organisations who work in the construction field. Hopefully this material will raise the prestige of the construction industry and make people more aware of this fast-growing sector and its demand for qualified workers.